As far, so close

by Ulises Lima, Wann, Shonen Bat

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"As far, so close" es el resultado del encuentro en la distancia de tres bandas, nueve amigos y once canciones.

Gracias por pasar y pararte a escucharlo.


released December 9, 2016

Este disco existe gracias a:

- Ulises Lima
Tote - guitarra, voz
Rai - bajo
Paul - batería

- Wann
Dani - guitarra, voz
Ernest - batería, coros

- Shonen Bat
Naz - guitarra, voz
Álvaro - bajo
Luis - batería

Cada tema está compuesto, grabado, mezclado y auto-producido por cada una de las bandas con la excepción de "Say my name", "Last call" y "Companion, relief" grabados y mezclados por José A. López en La Caterva Grabaciones, Gran Canaria. Masterizado @ Otomo Recs.

Artwork Paloma Durán. (Foto para el artwork sacada del archivo de Unsplash:

Editado por Atomize y Otomo Recs.




Atom-ize Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: Ulises Lima - New meaning of burial
I’m so undone, no arms, no bones.
I’m so undone. Buried. Bad work.
Let’s pretend we break the fence.

We have even less today,
not as much as when we began.

This will be our last song.
Track Name: Ulises Lima - Yiye and Don Benito
Go on and trust your warriors,
they should give you one last chance.
Vote and avoid riots and stay safe for one last dance.
Bad behavior.

Every day is a new search for money
Every day is as fucked as boring
Track Name: Ulises Lima - Paela
Fever blasts, open ass, our handprints on the sand. Waterfalls on these dry lands all these landfills. Haven’t they robbed enough?

Empty space on every jail.
Welcoming committee. Some guy fell on their mess. It’s been a pleasure.
Haven’t they lied enough?

Be yourself, be a man, be a part of the fucking gang. Tie your hands, tie means sir, feel the luxury. Haven’t they worked so hard?

Vulture’s path, smells like rats, you feel so lucky for a blast. Empty flats on their hands for a brother in law.
Haven’t they laughed enough?

These walls, this feeling that everything is over, a fixed compass that will show our path,
A sound, sensations that a murder is alright.
Their rules made to kill our plans.
It’s time, feeling that everything matters in order to stay alive.

It’s time.
Track Name: Ulises Lima - Seeds
Go on and spit it out just for a fucking day.
Everybody have their own habits, sometimes it can even help.
Now that all our life are similar
to what they were supposed to be.
Move these walls and try to stay sober,
leaving it behind is so unfair.


Raise your voice and sing it loud,
your melody will bring the affair.
Feeling a new kind of ritual
where hate can fill the plate.
But that’s it. Face it.
Everyone tries to be closer
to the ones that seemed to blame.


Buy all you find in the store,
burn what you never burn before.
Stay in touch with the things you deserved,
spend what you wanted to save.

Be safe
Track Name: WANN - Say my name
Too much pressure now
what’s there left after all this
just say my name
and watch me go away what went wrong?
I dont’t know at all

Too much pressure now i don’t know
fuck I miss you
just watch my face
and watch me go away understand what this is about

Too much pressure
what the hell,
I don’t know how
but it’s done
and the forest in flames

Hesitation: not an option go get some help
and you will say my name
Track Name: WANN - Last call
The people around us they are just like angels
heaven on earth

Our dreams have come true and you are the leaders
until the end

I don’t want to wake up
go on
I’m not mistaken
go on

These grey clouds above me they slowly fade away
new skies will come

We are all invited
to countless memories
show us the way

I cannot believe where we’re going now
Track Name: WANN - Companion, relief
If I could have a few more minutes
to re arrange the sheets
will I make it better
anyway who cares

Companion, relief

Why wait another day

Feeling better I recall our love

If I could have a few more minutes
to call out your name
will I get response
anyway who cares
Track Name: Shonen Bat - Rejoice
We are just what we were meant to
Our hopes were nothing but dope
Rejoice for what we have earned
It sure will be swollen by dust
There won’t be stories to tell
When all this memories fade

So be there and rejoice
Water will wash away the sins
So be there and rejoice
Track Name: Shonen Bat - No mercy
I’ve gone so far to reach you
That makes me the one to blame
Push always comes to shove
So hold it tight then let go

Oh boy, I’ve seen it often
I’m fully made of mistakes
Push always comes to shove

So hold it tight then let go
Let it go

There will be no mercy for non-believers
There will be no victory for the heathens
Track Name: Shonen Bat - The runner
Our acts are bound to shame
Our pleads will not be heard Holy, yet no one cares
We failed to stand this ground

And why on earth do I care?

Father, please tell me why
Just why it feels so cold
Why, if my friends are here?
Why, if my hope is pure?
Why on earth do I bleed?
I just burn like a torch

Running for countless miles
And crawling right back to start
Falling for all my fucking life
Track Name: Shonen Bat - Numbers
I never promised to be the one to love you the way you are.

Your trial was pointless, as far as I know we are just two strangers lost in the crowd.

It feels damn wrong to be damn right
They just won’t love you for what you are Don’t ride the circle, it’s best being out.

We hate this numbers.